From school assemblies to corporate keynotes, Kevin commands the attention of his audiences to deliver a message of empowerment and respect. Your group will be motivated to be more respectful of themselves and others for years to come.

"Kevin is AWESOME!" ~ Karen Meyer, ABC7Chicago


"Versatile and dependable, Kevin is incredibly gifted, driven and articulate about his work." ~ Jennifer Green, Artistic Director of Piven Theatre Workshop


"Kevin D'Ambrosio skillfully draws his audience in with masterful storytelling, and there, he creates teachable moments of some of life's most important lessons." ~ Valerie Jencks, Executive Director of Prairie Family Therapy


"I have been in awe of Kevin's ability to craft an important message and to tell a story that is moving, powerful, warm---and that creates change in people."         ~ Dr. Raymond A. Lauk, School District Administrator